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About Us

Mango Bikes

Established summer 2012, Mango Bikes couldn’t have launched at a better time for cycling. Founded by Ben and Jezz, two house mates at University, with a goal to design, manufacture and sell high quality, simple and stylish bikes at unbeatable value. With Ben’s bike knowledge, a keen racer and ex-world cup mechanic, Jezzs marketing / customer service focus and their team’s support, the brand has proven a real success, selling thousands of bikes worldwide each year.

The MB team design and build every bike, right from the CAD drawings at a new product design stage to assembling the finished product when an order comes in. Because of this, we get constant top reviews on the frame geometry and quality finish of a Mango Bikes product.


Jan 2012: Jezz approached Ben with the idea of selling bikes for students. The idea rapidly evolved in to manufacturing and directly selling quality, simple, stylish bikes at unbeatable value. The guys set about creating a product and a brand to fill an un-catered gap in the market.

Aug 2012: Mango Bikes launched

September 2012: Richard Reed (owner of Innocent Smoothies) heard about the new brand and included us in his TV show on entrepreneurship. When the TV show aired, the huge response first sold us out of all stock, and then took the website down for two days

October 2012: We re-stocked with 350 bikes and sold out again before they’d arrived in our warehouse. In fact it carried on like this for a long time; we couldn’t keep up with demand with some customers sitting on a three month waiting list before receiving their bike. We love you guys and are hugely grateful for the support you gave us!

January 2013: Urban Cyclist and Bike Radar included one of our bikes in a 50 bike test/review. They loved it and scored us 9 out of 10 (only one other brand scored this high and it was 3 x the price). Not bad for a six month old brand. At this point we knew we had something good!

Summer 2013: We relocated to a 6000sqft warehouse filled it with bikes and employed a team of great guys to help fulfil every order, maintaining the same quality and service level we set out to achieve.

Christmas 2013: Demand was crazy; we expanded our team again and worked through the nights to fulfil every order. Our couriers had to upgrade from a van to a lorry.

June 2014: The 18 Speed model launched, turning a corner for the brand and doing something we’d wanted to do for a long time – break beyond the single speed market.

The team on Mini Mango Balance Bikes


The company is still very young and evolving every day. Plenty of new bike models are in development and we’re rolling out internationally. In the future we hope to be able to offer a bike for everyone in the urban, commuter and lifestyle market across the globe, whilst still maintaining our core brand values.

The team celebrating with their own Mango bikes