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Clothing & Reflectives
At Mango Bikes we appreciate the importance of having a great set of cycle clothing along with a great bike. Here we mainly focus on commuting and urban bike clothing, however we also offer a selection of road bike specific clothing.

A top quality waterproof jacket is crucial for any serious commuter, especially when cycling in harsh British winters. Below we’ve listed a few things you should consider when buying a waterproof jacket.

The main features you should look for in a waterproof jacket

Cycling waterproof jackets are designed specifically for riding and are quite different to a normal everyday waterproof jacket. The main features to look out for are, a high collar for windchill prevention, a long tail to protect you from rear wheel splash, taped seams to stop water entering through the seams, long sleeves to allow you to lean down and still stay covered, ventilation zip to allow some air in and pockets to stash any essentials.

Different levels of cycling waterproof jackets

When buying a waterproof jacket for cycling you should consider what you’re mainly going to be using it for and how waterproof you need it to be. A performance waterproof jacket is designed for road bike performance cycling, designed with a tight fit to reduce drag and longer arms for the drop bar position. Waterproof commuting jackets, the type you might wear when zipping round London on your fixie bike, are often looser fitting to allow for extra clothing beneath and highly visible to improve safety.

Other Stuff

Some jackets may look the same from the outside but be careful; some lower cost jackets are unlined. Lined jackets have a mesh lining inside, which massively increases comfort and especially when you’re riding hard and things are getting sweaty. They’re also a lot warmer, so definitely worth choosing if you’re looking for a winter jacket. Unlined jackets are slightly cheaper and thinner with just one layer, which is no bad thing if you’re looking for a lightweight waterproof jacket for summer showers. You also want to consider breathability; the more expensive jackets generally have much better breathability resulting in an all-round comfier jacket.

Many of our customers commute to and from work on our fixed gear bikes or road bikes, it’s important these riders make sure they choose a high-vis jacket for safety reasons. Modern cycling jackets offer high-vis in not just yellow, but green, blue, red and even black with reflective patches.

Other clothing offered includes gilets, jerseys, shorts and gloves. We’re constantly adding new items so keep checking back.