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At Mango Bikes we offer a wide range of bike lights, hand-picked from a range of leading manufacturers and bike light brands. Below we’ve tried to make choosing the right bike light for you easier.

Cycling lights vary massively which can make choosing the right ones a mind-boggling task. We offer small lights, big lights, front light, rear lights, low cost lights, expensive lights and the list goes on. The key things to look for when deciding on which light to go for are:

Light Brightness:

You’ll see in our light specs we often talk about lumens, the more lumens a bike light has the more powerful it is and the brighter it is.

Light Mounting:

Typically front lights come fitted with a mount designed to fit around the handlebars and rear lights come with a mount to fit around the seat post. Some of our bike lights, offer more than one mounting method and can be connected anywhere you like, such as the Knog Frog Lights.

Battery Type:

Bike lights have advanced massively over the past few years when it comes to batteries and charging. Many of our bike lights are now USB powered such as the Knog Blinder Arc Front Light, meaning you can ride to work, plug your lights in to your laptop and have a fully charged light by the end of the day. Don’t forget to check the run time; you don’t want to be caught short on a long dark ride home.

Light Bulb Type:

Traditional bulbs are a thing of the past. Nearly all bike lights use LED and HID technology now.

The Weight:

With weight being such a key factor these days, you don’t want to ruin this with a heavy light. All of our bike lights are lightweight but make sure you check, as some are lighter than others.

Twinset vs Individual

We’ve tried to make choosing your perfect bike light package easy. You can either choose a twinset package, which we’ve put together, or if you want to mix things up and buy a specific individual front light to go with a different rear light you can.

The Price:

Once you’ve taken all of the above into account, you’ll have a pretty good understanding of why some bike lights cost more than others, even if they look identical. How much you want to spend, all depends on how much you want to be seen, how long you want to be seen for and how much you want to be able to see yourself.

Bike Light Brands:

We hold a selection of brands, all leading the way with the best cycle lights in the world. They all have their own different ways of doing things. Our best sellers tend to be Knog, Cateye and Torch. Knog lights offer a range of simple, low cost and funky lights and now more recently offer some seriously good, more expensive options, such as the Knog Blinder Arc 1.7 front light. Cateye lights offer a clean and simple, top to bottom ranges, covering all bases.