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Hiplok D-Lock Lime From: £44.99 RRP 49.99
Hiplok Lite Pink From: £39.99 RRP 44.99
Hiplok POP Cable Lock Cyan From: £17.99 RRP 19.99
Knog Bouncer Lock From: £32.99 RRP 38.99
Knog Straight Jacket Lock - Pink From: £15.99 RRP 25.99
Knog Strongman Lock From: £65.99 RRP 74.99
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Locks are a worthwhile investment. Often, a lock’s value comes by just sitting around your bike when it’s locked up, rather than when it’s actually being tested by a thief. They’re a deterrent just as much as anything else, but if you’re going to invest it would make sense to get the best piece of kit possible, because if it is tested, it’s your bike on the line!

The general rule of thumb is to spend 10% of the value of your bike on a lock, but then it’s up to you how much you value your ride. Here at Mango Bikes we sell a variety of locks ranging in price from £13 to £75, so we’re confident we’ve got something to suit you.

Generally, there are three types of lock: Cable, Chain and D-Lock.

Cable Locks: These are made from a steel cable that is made up of braided smaller steel fibres. The cable is then covered in something like silicone of nylon to stop the steel weathering and to stop abrasion against your frame. Cable locks are pretty versatile and generally the lightest type of lock. More a deterrent than a bolt cropper stopper.

Chain Locks: Just like it says on the tin, the lock is made from a few big chain links, normally anodized or galvanized for protection from the elements, and covered in a fabric or synthetic outer. Again, this stops abrasion against the frame and make it easier to handle. For pure variety of colour, go for the Knog Straight Jacket.

D-Locks: They’re made from 2 single pieces of solid metal. Various metals are used, the more expensive you go, the more indestructible the metal. D-Locks are arguable the most secure type of lock, but should be used in conjunction with a cable to stop your wheels disappearing. Although it may not look it, the Strongman is rock solid.

There are two types of locking mechanism: Key and code

Key locks work just as you’d expect and are generally have a more secure mechanism than a code. A coded mechanism, although possibly weaker, can be accessed anytime, anywhere, so when you drop the keys down the drain, at least you can still ride home.

Fortunately, here at Mango Bikes we note down the frame number of every frame that is dispatched to each customer. Therefore, if the worst does happen you can get in touch and we’ll help you work with the police to recover your ride.