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Ass-Saver Mudguards (5 colours) From: £6.99 RRP 9.99
Crud Road Racer Mk2 Mudguards From: £26.99 RRP 29.99
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In summer you can’t live with them. In winter you can’t live without them. But in the UK they’re important all year round. We realise this, so we stock a couple of different styles of mudguards for different seasons and conditions.

You know how it goes. It’s the middle of summer, the sun’s out and you’ll be cruising down a winding country lane. You’ll come round the corner and be met with a hailstorm and flash flood. It’s for these conditions that an Ass-Saver is perfect. You wouldn’t want full mudguards fitted all year round, but you’ve got an Ass-Saver tucked away under your seat. Perfect. You unfold it and your ass is well and truly saved as you make your dash home.

If you’re not content with the Ass-Saver then in our opinion the Road Racer mudguards are the best, easiest fitting guards available on the market at the moment. They fit on nearly any frame with a 700c wheel, not just on Mango’s, and don’t require any awkward cutting or moulding to get them functioning well. Another nice thing about the Road Racer is that they don’t require any mudguard mounts. Every single speed fixie or road / commuter bike bought from Mango Bikes from Summer 2014 onwards has these mounts, but if you’re riding an older model or a non-Mango without the correct fittings don’t worry - these will fit straight on!

Of course, mudguards are no good for when the water is falling from the sky, so check out our range of jackets and waterproofs here.