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Having the right cycling clothing can help make your rides more comfortable. The main reason for cycling clothing is to protect you from the elements. Depending on whether you are riding to work or for personal fitness you should gear up to suit the occasion. Here are some key features to consider when choosing cycling clothing.

High visibility - If you are cycling at night or just fancy being more visible on the road make sure you don a piece of high Vis clothing.

Breathability - Wearing breathable clothing is important if you want to avoid sweating and overheating whilst out riding.

Lightweight - Lightweight clothes feel much less bulky and enable you to move with freedom on the bike.

Choosing the right mixture of cycling clothing means you will be comfortable in all conditions. The prospect of entering the cycling fashion culture may be daunting and not your thing but fear not in the coming months we will be unveiling an urban/road cycling clothing range for both men and women.