Any real cyclist knows the importance of a good bike helmet, so buy lifesaving headgear from Mango bikes.

A range of helmets are available from some of the biggest brands in the industry. The bicycle helmets available include the Limar 777 SuperLight, the High Vis Helmet and the ultra bright X-Gen Helmet.

Most guys at Mango opt for the Limar 777 SuperLight. Yes, it protects your head, but it also looks incredibly cool. It’s strong enough to protect you during a fall, but despite its sturdiness, it’s also surprisingly lightweight. It’s also streamlined and aerodynamic to ensure top biking performance. The High Vis Helmet is built to high safety standards, and keeps you safe in more ways than one; particularly when darkness falls. In addition to its beaming fluorescent colouration, the headgear also features a rear light to ensure that you remain visible on the roads.

The X-Gen Helmet boasts high impact resistance and high visual impact to boot. Other road users are guaranteed to see you coming in this headgear. Best of all, this multi sport helmet, from LIMAR, is designed for maximum comfort and wearability. You’ll remain comfortable, but most importantly safe, on even the bumpiest of rides.

Mango Bikes are for bike lovers. They’re not ornaments for your hallway or props in your garage; they’re to be ridden hard and enjoyed all year around. But it’s important to remain safe while you do it. You won’t have a problem wearing your X-Gen Helmet and it will protect your head from serious injury if you take a spill.

Take a look at all of the bike helmets available from the Mango Bikes online store and choose the right helmet for your needs.