Keep your eyes on the road ahead and stay visible as dark evenings set in with bike lights from Mango Bikes.

A wide range of reliable and powerful bike lights are currently available, including the popular front and rear Knog Frog Lights and Knog Blinder cycle lights. You’re guaranteed to stay visible while illuminating your route.

A number of brilliant Knog lights are currently available including the front and rear Blinder 4, featuring 4 powerful LED lights. Front Blinder 4 cycle lights pump out up to 80 lumens of light and its optimised optics focus and direct a smooth beam pattern which makes the Blinder visible over 800 metres. Blinder 4 rear lights offer 44 lumens of light; guaranteed to ensure that you are seen during the night or in shallow visibility.

Knog Frog Lights are Mango Bikes bestsellers. They can be clipped to your bike, your bag or anything else to ensure that you can see what’s coming and you can be seen by everybody else. Water resistant and with a flexible silicone body, these handy little lights are visible up to 600 metres and couldn’t be simpler to use.

For a premium cycle light option choose the High Beamer twin pack and enjoy 1200m of visibility and 800m visibility behind. Perfect for commuting or urban riding once dark winter evenings set in, these brilliant lights are highly durable and water resistant.

Explore the entire light collection today and choose the best bike lights for you, at the right price for your budget.