If you love your Mango Bikes as much as we do, you’ll want to ensure that they remain safe and secure;

and don’t fall into the wrong hands. That’s why we provide a wide range of reliable bike locks and security products to give you peace of mind. Purchase D locks, cables and Knog locks from the Mango Bikes online store today.

Bike locks are arguably just as important as the bike itself and we have plenty of varieties to choose from because we know that colour, style and personality are important to the burgeoning Mango Bikes community.

A number of the bike locks available have been manufactured by the popular bike accessories specialists Knog. The Knog Ring Master is made from braided steel cable and fibre core overmoulded with colourful silicone and when connected to a small lock, it will protect your bike while complementing the look of your bike. The Knog Bouncer was voted one of the hardest locks to break by ex bike thieves at the SpinLDN show in London. Made from colourful silicone overmoulded a hardened steel U-lock, the Knog Bouncer won’t be shifted in a hurry, making it perfect for locking up your bike as you head into an important class or a busy work day.

A range of other U-locks, D-locks and bike cables are also available so that you can choose the best security solution for your needs. Browse all of the Knog locks and bike locks available and boost your bike security without breaking the bank.