Mango Components

If you’ve already joined the Mango community and gotten your hands on a custom made…
…it’s not too late to add even more personality to your pride and joy;

or add a number of handy Mango components, designed to make the ride more safe or enjoyable. Browse the range of accessories today. You might be surprised how little it costs to transform your bike.

From single speed cranksets and fixed gear wheels to inner tubes and Kenda Tyres, you’ll find a wide variety of components to save the day if wear and tear takes a toll. But you’ll also find a number of ways to give your one of a kind Mango bike a facelift; with bullhorn bars, drop bars, panniers, coloured chains and colourful replacement pedals.

Security is important and it is important to pair a brand new Knog Ring Master with a small and secure lock. Made from braided steel cable and fibre core overmoulded with colourful silicone, the Ring Master won’t take away from the visual impact; but will ensure that your bike stays in the right hands.
In addition to single speed crank sets and fixed gear wheels, you can also purchase ladies saddles so that any Mango Bike can offer the most possible comfort.

Explore the Mango components range today and optimise your road bike with the best parts available for the price.