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Mango Bikes was started by Ben and Jezz, housemates at University together.

We went looking for a way of getting in and out of Uni on bikes that worked, looked good and didn’t cost an arm and leg. The market was bare.  So, Mango Bikes was born to provide highly desirable and high quality bikes without the price tag.

It didn’t seem right to us that you can buy a car exactly to your spec or shoes to your design, but that bikes were only available in a few dull, pre-selected colours. We decided to take things a step further and let you, the rider, do the designing of your bike.Your Mango isn’t just a tool for getting from A to B, but it’s a fashion accessory that you’re proud to be seen with.

We like all the things that you like, and more. We like the urban commute, dodging traffic. We like the downhill cruise to the hidden cove. We like the climb back up again. We like the quick way to the bar. We like not having to use the car.

Whether you’re gunning it to campus, navigating your way home from work or cruising to the beach with mates, a Mango will do you proud.

To watch as our story continues check out our Blog, follow us or keep an eye on FB.