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If you’re looking for a range of bikes which are built to high standards, ride great, look stylish and are great value for money you can be sure we’ve got you covered. Mango Bikes offer a range of  award winning best urban bikes such as the Single Speed and Fixed Gear, Ladies Classic bike  and 18spd Commuter Bike. We also offer a great entry level cheap Road Bike priced at an amazing £449.99 including oversize dropbars and Micro-Shift group set. Plus if you’ve got a young, up and coming cyclist in the family looking for their first set of wheels, we offer a brilliant one off top spec Balance Bike named the Mini-Mango  aimed at 2-4 year olds. 
All of our urban bikes, city bikes and balance bikes are built to mega high standards. Very few bikes under £1000 use sealed wheel bearings, whereas all Mango Bikes priced as low as £300.00 come standard with fully sealed Chasewood wheel bearings, providing a super smooth ride and years of hassle free maintenance. Along with the bearings all our road bikes and Single Speed (fixie) bikes come with deep dish, double-walled rims providing extra strength and power. Other standout features include hard wearing MB Upgrade saddles with Cro-mo rails and double stitching designed to withstand years of urban commutting and long tiresome road bike riding. 
Mango Bikes frames are all designed and built to proven geometries by our in-house design team. The steel frame used on the award winning Single Speed and Fixed  Gear bike has received endless top reviews from leading publications such as Bike Radar and Urban Cyclist. This all city bike was our very first product aimed at commuters, students and enthusiasts offering an all-round simple bike, with stunning looks and a high quality build at an affordable price. We think that’s why it was voted the best urban bike. Since launching the Single Speed (fixie) bike, it has been our top seller and still dominates our bike sales. We’ve now introduced the 18spd Road and Commuter Bike range , built to exactly the same standard and geometry as the Fixed Gear Bike range but with the added convenience of 18 gears. Both the flat bar Commuter Bike and Drop Bar Road Bike make brilliant urban bikes and/or road bikes. 
All Single Speed Mango Bikes have a range of options to choose from including frame size, bar type and tyre type. Frame sizes range small (525cm), medium (555cm) and large (595cm). Bar types offered are risers, bullhorns and drops with Tektro levers.  Tyre types offered are a standard Kenda 25c tyre or an upgraded Continental GatorSkin 25c puncture resistant tyre. Road, commuter and ladies bikes also offer the two tyre options. 
Mango Bikes are different from nearly all competitors in the same price range, because every bike is hand built by a trained technician in our own UK assembly facility. Most other Single Speed or Fixed Gear brands as well as entry to intermediate road bike brands outsource their assembly to the Far-East. We like to do things a little differently and offer a higher level of build quality. Every bike is built to spec, our technicians will receive your order, select your chosen parts from our warehouse, assemble each piece to a fully built bike and carry out regular quality checks from start to finish. This means all of our bikes are built to UK standards and are safe and ready to ride as soon as they arrive at your door.