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Why Mango Bikes?

Mango offers high quality, desirable products at honest prices with an exceptional level of customer service. We take a different view on bikes, making them accessible to everyone. Mangos are fashion accessories as well as high quality bikes (see the reviews). Some people might say we offer a lot for the price and those people are absolutely right. We’re here to offer you a great service and get everyone on bikes. You’ll also notice when you speak with us that we’re not your usual bike company – we won’t bombard you with bike jargon unless you want it. We know that the majority of people buying our bikes don’t want all the technical details and instead they just want to know it works, looks great and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Are Mangos suitable for Guys and Girls?

Hell yeah! Girls ride this style of  bike all over the world,  just don’t wear a mini skirt!

Why single speed?

Single speed means simplicity and that has a lot going for it in its own right. Our single speeds are designed for easy riding and speed but also for getting up hills. You’ll be surprised at just how easy a Mango Bike is to ride. In-fact our guys ride in 100 mile races with massive hills just to prove it!

What is Fixed Gear?

All of our Single Speed bikes come set up in the freewheel position, however you can switch to 'fixed' with our flip flop hub. Fixed gear means that the pedals (your feet) are locked in to motion with the rear wheel and you can't simply stop pedalling. Beware though, although this sounds cool remember when you’re travelling at speed you can’t just stop pedaling like you would with a freewheel. If you take the leap and decide to ride the bike in fixed gear or “fixie” (by simply turning the rear wheel around) you probably won’t go back. Riding fixed is tough to start with but so much fun and more efficient. Hill climbs become easier and you get a proper workout whether getting up to speed or slowing down. Plus, if you’re brave (crazy) enough, you can strip the bike of your brakes as well and let your legs do all the work. Not something we recommend.

Spare Parts?

We hold stock of all the spare parts you could ever need. Just get in touch and one of our friendly team will sort you out.

What size do I go for?

Our bikes are built around sizes that we know work. Have a look at the size guide here and see where you fit in. If you’re unsure about what size is best, get in touch and we’ll help you decide.

Does my Mango come with brakes?

Yep! All Mangos come with front and rear brakes fitted as standard. The only reason they’re shown without brakes is for aesthetic purposes.

I saw a colour a few days ago but that colour is no longer shown. How come?

Due to the high demand of our products, occasionally we run out of stock quickly and a given colour might not be available until our next batch arrives. Sometimes this is beyond our normal re-stocking time. We remove the colour from the bike builder so not to give you false hope. Drop us a note and we’ll let you know when it’s next available. Keep checking on the site though – if it’s a popular colour it might disappear quickly!

What does ‘Deposit Now, Pay Later’ mean?

If the ‘Deposit now, pay later’ box is showing, it means that a component is out of stock. It’s basically a deposit system asking you to pay a £99 deposit. The deposit reserves you a bike in our next shipment of stock. See Stock Delivery Dates. Once the bikes arrive we’ll ask you for the remainder of the payment.

How much does shipping cost?

We ship all of our bikes to the UK with UPS. Shipping to the UK is £8.99 for bike, £5.75 for medium sized goods such as wheels and £2.49 for small accessories like lights and locks. See the International Delivery page for shipping outside the UK.

How long does it take for my Mango to arrive?

If the parts you have chosen are in stock, we aim to dispatch your Mango within 10 working days of the order being placed. This said, 9 times out of 10 your custom Mango will be dispatched within one week. During this time we’ll keep you up to date on what’s going on with your build and we’ll let you know when it’s been dispatched.

If the colours you have chosen are out of stock then we’ll notify you of this and you’ll have more than likely made a deposit. As soon as the parts come in to the warehouse your bike will be on priority build and will be shipped ASAP!

How will my Mango arrive?

The bikes will arrive 90% assembled, when you receive your Mango you’ll need to put the front wheel, bars and pedals on. All tools required are provided. It’s all really easy, we provide instructions and videos showing how to do everything. However if you’re still unsure then we advise you take your Mango to a local bike shop and they will build it for a small fee.

What’s the warranty and return policy on a Mango bike?

For full details of the warranty and return policies on our products have a look here.

Cycle Schemes?

We work with the following schemes:

Bike 2 Work

Cycle 2 Work

Cycle Scheme

Bike for the NHS

Full details can be found here.